Intern Spotlights (2014-2015)

irajIraj Hosseini

My summer internship was a valuable experience as I not only learnt new technical skills, but also got the opportunity to network with people in the industry and became familiar with the work environment in one of the largest biotech companies in the US. At Genentech, I worked on developing a quantitative systems pharmacology model of a new drug for patients with Leukemia in collaboration with scientists in the PKPD department. The model used the preclinical data and included the underlying physiology of the disease and the drug’s key mechanisms of action to inform the dosing strategies for the Phase I clinical trial in humans.


lchuLiang-hui Chu

As a PhD student level intern, I am happy to take this new role outside JHU. I work in the clinical DMPK group in MedImmune. Internship is a great opportunity to increase my networking, realize the trend in industry, sharpen my skill sets and prepare my career path.”


hernandezAndres Hernandez

“I had an excellent experience. The company made sure I did not feel like an intern. I was given important work and my opinion on all sorts of matters was not only valued, but also sought.
As a group, we learned a lot about the way industry works. Every week we met with a different VP of the company and got a personal course on their roles and their division. On the last week, we had to present before the whole executive board about our projects and ideas for improvement.


Rahul Agarwal

I did an internship at Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC) to get some industrial exposure. The internship project entailed working on developing a cutting edge therapy for the heart failure and was intellectually challenging. My project went particularly well and impacted BSC future endeavors on the therapy. This made me see positives of industrial research and made my internship experience very rewarding.