Intern Spotlights


Liheng Guo

I participated in Insight Data Science, a data science “bootcamp” intended to transition PhDs to industry careers in data science. Insight took place in New York City where participants worked on data science projects, met with reps from various local data science companies, and had interviews with some of them.






Lindsay Clegg
I worked with the Astra Zeneca Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology group in Gaithersburg, MD. I developed a systems pharmacology-style, patient-specific computational model of potassium homeostasis and response to an AZ drug. I interacted with clinicians, pharmacometricians, clinical pharmacologists, and scientists, and participated in decision-making for upcoming clinical trials.







mzileMelanie Zile
My internship at Boston Scientific was incredibly useful in helping me decide on my future career path. It also gave me a great understanding of the type of work that people in different functional roles perform at medical device companies. I also gained new skills in unsupervised machine learning, vastly expanded my network (I even talked to the CEO), and allowed me to enhance my marketability when I go to look for full time opportunities.








Hao Dang

I much enjoyed my internship at an x-ray CT group at Philips Healthcare, which is one of the largest CT vendors and healthcare providers around the world. The most interesting part of my internship is having the chance to work with commercial imaging systems and get involved in developing technology that may be translated into new products and have a direct impact on people’s health. Whereas in PhD training I tend to think about what theoretical contribution my work would bring to the scientific community, during the internship I have also been trained to be able to consider other important aspects of technology innovations such as feasibility, reliability, cost, and user experience. I found doing an internship at Philips was a good opportunity to exercise what I have learned from the nation’s No. 1 BME PhD program to real-world problem solving as well as to refresh my mind for the last part of my PhD training as a more mature scientist.