Professional Skills Day

The first professional skills workshop organized by BME EDGE was held with grand style at the Glass Pavillion, Homewood campus, with the participation of 50+ graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Although EDGE primarily serves the BME department, the event openly invited all graduate students from both the Medical Campus and the Engineering Campus, creating fruitful networking opportunity among scholars from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds.
The comprehensive workshop covered multiple aspects of professional skill development and featured a expert panel of speakers from both the Professional Development Office at JHMI and the JHU Career Center. The eloquent success of this event engendered its accomplishment as an annual event.
On this page you can find links to the presentation slides as well as video recordings of each event.
What did our student participants think?
“I was pleasantly surprised at the organization, presentation quality, and overall effectiveness of the Professional Skills Day presented by BME EDGE. The morning session (Resumes and CVs) was particularly pertinent to me as I was interested in learning how to properly, and efficiently, sell myself through my resume and CV. It was very useful for me to hear the most important aspects of a resume and how these differ from a CV.As if filling my learning quota for the week with useful information regarding resumes and CVs wasn’t enough, the next session over networking and interviewing was equally beneficial. I never knew things like Linkedin or a brief social interaction could be so impactful in terms of developing professional relationships. After this session I felt like I could approach anyone and give a quick, effective spiel of my work, skills, and goals without boring them to tears. The afternoon session started with one of the most important things to consider when applying for jobs: how to tailor my resume/CV as well as my response pattern to fit each job and company that I am applying. The session guided us comprehensively starting all the way from how to filter out not just the technical requirements but also the business skill requirements in a job posting, to how we can broadly align ourselves according to the situation at hand. This was followed by a remarkable session elaborating how to approach and behave during an interview. The session helped me to develop my own strategy to deal with interviews, which I find very fulfilling. Overall, I’m glad I took the time out of my hectic schedule to attend the Professional Skills Day. Thumbs up to BME EDGE for putting together such a useful event!”
[Luke Osborn, M.S.E candidate in Biomedical Engineering]
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Resume and CV by Amanda Baker

Networking and Informational Interviewing by Julie Elliott


Tailoring Resume and Cover Letters by Gaelle Kolb




The Job Interview by Dr.Donna Vogel

The Panel Discussion by Drs. Richard Conroy, David
Ellison, Reza Mazhari and Ms. Louisa Ryan


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