Post Title: JHMI Graduate Networking and Career Fair

The JHMI Graduate Networking and Career Fair was held on Monday, June 22, 2015 in Turner Concourse.  Over 100 students attended either the exhibits or the platform presentations.  The following organizations hosted a booth at the fair and spoke to student and post-doctoral attendees:

In the afternoon, several speakers introduced their organizations and discussed job opportunities for Ph.D. students.  Megan Wahler from Johns Hopkins University Technology Ventures introduced the FastForward program and the startups that are populating that space.  Dr. Jayne Morrow discussed government hiring and strategies for finding the right federal institute or project to match your interests and skills.  Dr. Michael Tarlov discussed the work being done at the Biomolecular Measurement Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where he is the chief.  Dr. Deborah Castillo, a recent alumna of the biomedical engineering Ph.D. program at Johns Hopkins, discussed the structure of the FDA and what it is like to work in the Division of Cardiovascular Devices.  Dr. Castillo also joined Dr. Tom Fraites (Becton Dickinson), Dr. Shaun Lichter (Booz Allen Hamilton), and Dr. Gerald Sewack (TechAtlas Group) on a panel to describe their personal transitions into industry or government, and what students about to make the transition should do to prepare.  Carolyn Yarina, the CEO and Founder of Sisu Global Health, concluded the event by describing the environment at a startup company and soliciting applicants for two current job openings.


If you missed the fair and would like to get in touch with a speaker or a representative from one of the exhibiting organizations, please email Matt Fifer (


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