BME EDGE Speaker Series with Dr. David Gakenheimer

The 2nd BME EDGE Alumni Speaker Series event of this year was held in Clark Hall 110. More than 20 students and affiliates, including students from CBID participated in this event, which took place for between noon and 1:50 PM including Q&A session.
During the event, Dr. Gakenheimer discussed his career path with its beginnings in the defense sector and how he transitioned into medical applications as the end of Cold War reduced demands for the defense sector. During this segment, Dr. Gakenheimer explained how his experience in image analysis during his involvement in defense projects was able to transition into a useful application in medical imaging.
For the remainder of the presentation, Dr. Gakenheimer demonstrated his software for dental caries detection, which is capable of accurately detecting caries from dental radiographs that are visually difficult to identify. During this segment, Dr. Gakenheimer stressed several important aspects of his experience with this project. First, he stressed the importance of feedback from the user’s standpoint, and emphasized how the information from dentists was crucial in determining the various aspects of the analysis software. Secondly, he emphasized the importance of working closely with the regulatory board such as the FDA, citing his own experience with the regulatory process during various phases of his project.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session which lasted for about 15 minutes. The entire presentation is available for viewing online.


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